Wednesday, July 28, 2004

64bit applications

yesterday evening i spent the whole time downloading stuff.
i already had Visual 2004 beta 1 for 64. and i had already downloaded the XP 64 for extended chipset. I reckoned that i should also download Windows 2003 64 bit edition for the heck of it. And so i logged into my subscriber downloads... Guess what... surprise surprise.. i saw Servers section which was not there before.. click on it and i saw SQL Server... interesting... digging deeper i realised that microsoft had given me (or all msdn professional subscribers) access to SQL Server resources. I also found Yukon Beta 2... wohoooo....
so all downloaded and burned... waiting for my kit so that i can jumpstart my 64bit play around.

Also looked up a couple of reviews on 2800+ processor... i know i know i am a bit of a value user... that the end of the day it boils how much one can afford to spend. Anyho... checked out the reviews at and

and its not too bad.... for normal stuff... it still comes close to most intel procs... so what the heck.

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