Friday, November 19, 2004

Its almost winter: time for hibernation

well i have a very interesting work life... i really enjoy it when i am all stressed out... but as with all the good things... it just don't last forever... so i am done working really hard for just about a month and its time for hibernation... yeah i will i could stuff myself and then sleep for 6 months %>).. what i will end up doing is the usual... listening to music... surfing the web and this time around i will finish my site :)

hopefully will post often from now on.. ciao ciao

Saturday, October 23, 2004

MSN Messenger 7 BETA

Earlier today was randomly going through blogs and i read Cornerit's review on it. Googled up MSN 7 and read stuff about it being leaked into public domain %>) oh well... found it at softpedia.

Its been pretty stable so far... been running for like 6 hours and so far so good... Found a few things like enhanced smiley packs and backgrounds etc... dont know if it was a part of MSN 6...

you have another feature called nudge.. its mentioned at places... if you have used yahoo messenger then you would have given your mates a buzz... sort of shakes the window with Buzz!!! in red bold... nudge is a similar thing except it doesnt look that annoying and the text is not in red :) enough said... find out the rest of the features yourself...

it's worth a look... if its unstable... just use Add/Remove programs to remove it and download the current 6.2 version of

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Burning DVDs off DVB Recording

I have gigs and gigs worth of recordings things like music videos and Everybody Loves Raymond (ELR) and Scrubs. I sort of stacked them up thinking its worth it till they come out with DVDs of ELR and Scrubs.. the problem is that i need to keep buying hard drives each episode is 650 megs plus... so finally decided to burn them into proper DVDs.. used TmpgEnc's Dvd Author

This is the normal process
Complete recording has adverts etc which have to be removed plus there's a mild audio/video sync which needs to be corrected. This is a great tool PVAStrumento to seperate the audio & video based on parameters like change in audio / video formats... which is great cause Channel 4 broadcasts the adverts at 16:9 but the shows ELR & Scrubs are broadcast at 4:3.. once you get the seperate split audio / video files use bbmpeg to merge the required audio / video streams. finally join the mpeg streams using tmpg's mpeg tools.

That what it takes go get one episode cleaned up... its great quality.. and since there are no plans for dvd release just yet, might as well burn it up... anyways... spend a chunk of this weekend doing just that and guess what... cleaned up 25 odd gigs here and there... not too bad huh ? still plenty more to go...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

SpeedDater - UK and London Speed Dating

Having recently decided that i was done being a geek... a friend of mine suggested i give speed dating a try... well i dont like 3 mins... the next one... approach... so instead went for the Lock & Key Party... it was such a good laugh.... more on it here... SpeedDater - UK and London Speed Dating, Online Dating speeddating

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pull-o-meter - How do you score ?

Vivek gave this Pull-o-meter link and here's what it had to say....

Beer Monster

You’re no shrinking violet, that’s for sure, and confidence is half the battle in the pulling game, but you’ve still got to take a bit more care of yourself during an evening out if you’re going to stay at the peak of your pulling powers. Don’t want to wake up next to a minger now do we?


See i know the lines... i am just horrible when it comes to saying them... :) Fancy a shag ? will have to try it some day. as Dawson keeps telling me... it works... though i will have to watch out for the mingers... lol

Monday, October 04, 2004

I am done being a Geek

I have spend a while trying to figure things out.. and i have made the decision. I am done being a geek... i need social life...

This is my invite to everone out there...
Hi I am getting married next week. See you there. Don't worry about getting me any gifts, Just get me someone i can get married to.

lol... that sums it up... well actually no it doesnt sum it up.. i dont want to get married just yet... i need a full time girl friend... time to divorce the PC(s).

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Good News

About a fornight back I got really really fed up of Smoking and my consistent giving it up and starting all over again. So this time I decided to give up forever (Normally when I used to give up, I used to put it like - till the next time). Anyways I am almost back to normal now. And I have realised that if I do not smoke, my Attention Deficit Disorder calms down a bit. I actually did not know I had ADD untill i gave a psychometric test last year. The results came out excellent but suggested that I have a check for ADD.. lol.

Well not smoking it has its side effects too... But have been there too many times before I always warm people to stay on my good side atleast for the first few months. Wish me luck cause I have been going on about this for a long time.

Off late I have been working on my site again You might be surprised with the choice of domain name as one of my friends put it... I am restricting my site to american psyche. The reason being 911 as you are no doubt aware is a emergency number. Its funny when i give my email address out to people.. its hermit at dot net and they say 9 ? Really winds me up cause i have to go about explaining what 911 & 9 11 mean to me and the population on whole (unforunately i am in london and not many people share my opinion on using 911 instead of 999).

Anyways.. I payed for a SQL server database to my host and once i finish a few bits & bobs I shall upload it. Hopefully every few days I will add an article on to it. Depending on the usage and feedback i will either keep it going or I will remove it in a year's time and save myself some money %>)

BTW don't ask about 70-320... i will come back to it in a few days.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Perspective on India and the People

Every once in a while i get on to a newsgroup and i see some really really lame posts... some of them are from indians who do not know who to ask or where to look... which can be really really annoying at times... things like.. i want to do MCAD my email id is blah blah blah.. please email me the details.. this things can be found at Microsoft Certification Site.

And there are people from around the globe... some comment saying that its worrying how people dont know a thing about English or Technology and that a whole lot of work is being outsourced to them... I think it always better to educate people (even the one indians so love to call Foreigners) and i looked up some facts and put them down saying actually its not too bad...

What do i get back ? a reply from a self proclaimed Patriotic Twat... calling me an @sshole and asking me to not belittle my country of birth in front of foreigners... i couldnt believe this... somethings never change... mate... learn to appreciate facts.... do you really know what India is and even being an Indian is all about ?

i have been across most of India.. from Gujarat in the West to Delhi in the North to Assam in (Northeast) to Tamilnadu in the South.. i have seen a lot of india in those 24 years... The only difference between me and a whole lot of Indians is that I think from a different prepecitve.... and that was one of the reasons why i was termed a UBI (Unfortunatly Born in India). Most people who dont like the fact would rather dish out and i got called that a lot because i prefer to live with the facts than boast on false pride.

At the end of the day i am a programmer... i go by "Show me the Money" attitude. And yes i do have Indian morals but hey this isn't a war and I am here to make a living.

And finally you can still dish this as well and say whatever you wish to... yes even if you think a real indian in one who stays in india and makes it big... Only accepting the fact can get you a step closer to making a difference.. in India and everywhere in the world.

Friday, September 10, 2004

70-320 and .net Remoting

over the last 2 weeks i have been studying for 320 and hell... its bloody extensive... i was told be prepared to think hard for the exams... i am having to think hard well before the exams....

though its been fun most of the times... Amit's Kalani's book gets a very good feedback from me.... Remoting is so much fun... though it sort of reminds me COM programming not even close to it in complexity... we used to have ClassFactory out there... there was even a ClassFactory2... though i only used it to the extent of object creation and returning the object. In remoting we can use it to expose Remotable object as a client activated object by using Class Factory as a bait and making the host think its the Class Factory (usually set as Server Activated) we are after...

Tried all sort of stuff.. the best part about remoting is that its not complex... and you can set most of the stuff in config file. Had a look at IIS hosted Remoting and just a piece of advice. If you are connecting to SQL Server (with Remotable object) and are using Trusted Connection..
a. Disable Anonymous Access (Keeping it in Windows Authentication mode)
b. set impersonate identity = true in the applications (web application's) web.config

if you want to debug a IIS... start the client and attach to the aspnet worker process...

went nuts trying to figure out what was wrong... then found out it was authentication failure on sql server for NT Authority/Network Service

oh well...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yukon Developer session

Went down to Yukon developer session organised by microsoft uk. couple of nice presentations... it so good to be at a developers session rather than one of those sales pitches.

It was interesting to see actually managed code within inproc hosted CLR with yukon. A sort of mix and match of managed code with TSQL. TSQL is still the fastest thing when it comes to relational data. Managed code within Yukon is more for computational intensive task.. conditional.. loops.. string manipulation etc. Saw a brief overview of data.sqlserver namespace overview.. the classes and how they can be used. Use of partial classes and user defined functions. More on it here.

We can even have managed UDTs. the only requirements are that they should take a string as contructor and should implement a method called Parse.

TSQL has a good set of enhancements... stuff like DDL triggers (oh yes on create, alter, delete etc).. use of common data expressions... reminded me of subqueries and how we used to name a resultset... similar in broad terms but CTEs can be used throughout the context of the current query.. not just current TSQL query within a block. they have added things like Try and Catch blocks.. though as the program manager put it.. they keep changing their minds on the exact syntax :)... and absolutely thrilled by Rank and Rownum etc.

The day ended with Analysis server enhancements and DTS.. Me and a friend Leon were talking about what the heck ETL was... i reckoned it was more like eXtensible Transformation Language... not even close... rather it stands for Extract, Transform and Load. More on ETL here

some links refer to beta 1 documentation.. unfortunately.. you will need to check the books online for that. That not all... the next version of MSDE.. its called SQL Express now and its still free is available for download ... you can also get you hands on books online.. check this page

Saturday, August 28, 2004


As i mentioned earlier i have started preparing for 70-320 and i am using amit kalini's book, its actually a nice book... it was a bit concerned about what i can expect but it's not too bad. already picked up a few things like Xml to Datasets and vice versa. Though i seriously think i should have a physical book instead of an ebook... its painful.

Evolution vs creation

a couple of weeks back i had two people from watchtower and they talked to me about my religious beliefs and what i think of religion etc. since i didnt know them i was pretty much frank about it.. its not too difficult being an atheist

well today morning i had a knock on my door and it one of the two people who had visited me along with her husband.. since i was uncomfortable last time around talking on the doorstep.. i invited them in... had a nice chat with them.. i showed them a hymn i dug out from Rigveda its the Creation Hymn.

Anyways... it was nice talking to them... atleast somebody has ears to my philosophical side.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

about time i got my act together

been playing about for a while... and i think its enough for now... need to finish my MCAD.... am planning to give 70-320 in 2 weeks time. After that will try and a drastically different route... a friend suggested *nix cert... i am not too sure about the idea though i dont mind hands on *nix....

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Refreshing my c++

This week i have spent time reading up on c++ again... it doesn't look that bad anymore... the first day was horrible... so used to c# now... i would love to move on to c# permanently but i am keeping my options open again after a long time.. and i reckoned that a bit of c++ & *nix won't do much harm ...

it does take away all the play time i had scheduled for framework 2 beta.. but its just this week... hopefully while i am at it.. i will install mono on redhat 9 and i will get rotor implementation as well... just have a look around..

sometimes i think i download and install just about everything... wish i had more hours to actually play with it all rather than having to decide one over the other.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Installing Framework 2.0 beta on 64

It's funny how both the betas.. beta 1 for Whidbey and beta 2 for Yukon came across in a few days time. I was so seriously hoping that they have the same Framework Beta (or the Language?)..
Wishful thinking. So what do i need to do to get it all working ? well for starters... install Whidbey (for some reason framework takes forever on AMD64).. once you are done with the install... unistall the Framework.. and then install Yukon. that will install another language version of Framework and hopefully this should work :) (atleast that worked on 32bit install)

Oh well another wishful thinking and this time i got bitch-slapped.. yukon won't install no matter what.. i think i am going to call it a day and not bother with yukon on 64... i already have it on 32 and thats the max i am going to go.. 10 trials... with all permutations and combinations and finally got myself on MS "Private" NGs... Jesus... and its a known bug.....
why bother saying
"For the 64-bit Developer Edition (X64):
Windows XP 64-bit AMD Professional 2003, build 1207 or later"

Back to SQL 2k 32 bit for playing with whidbey.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Do I have the right build ?

A few days back when I was having problems installing VS.Net 2k5 on XP 64 I mailed Tim Sneath and Microsoft Staff for Subscriber downloads.

It was kind of Tim to write back to see if I had the version I was looking for. As usual the MS staff were prompt in response and I even had the latest build last week. That sort of thing makes me want to get out of finance and into Software development firm. No bickering... Just do it attitude.

XP Service Pack 2

Done downloading and installing XP SP2 at home. My personal PC @ work should be patched up first thing tomorrow.

you can download it at Subscriber Downloads if you are msdn subscriber else waitup for a few days

Saturday, August 07, 2004

who moved my cheese

A friend of mine.. Vivek Viswanathan asked me to read this book "Who moved my cheese" by "Spensor Johnson".

Very obvious in what its trying to say and its just got me thinking. Thanks mate.

Friday, August 06, 2004

surprise surprise... atleast someone's listening to me

Got this mail from MS team last week saying that they are building a new build and that they will release it when done... and guess what... it was out @ subscribers downloads....
hmmm not too bad....

Will get a chance to play with newer build. I am seriously disappointed though... i hardly know anyone other than myself who's actually excited about this.

Another thing that i am very pleased with... i started up far cry on my current config.. win32 on AMD64 and auto configuration told me that i had a 'High End' system... holy cow.... very very pleased with that... and it plays like a top dog...

Can't wait to try out Doom 3... hope its worth the wait.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Problems with 64bit machine

Having spent my time installing the OS... the next on i went about installing visual studio... kept failing on me with 25008 errors...
god what a grief... anyho... tried the internet and found a few posts here and there.. and i remember reading the readme.htm... it said something about build 1184... apparently the one posted for downloads is v1069... i dont know how you can expect people to beta test the software when they dont have the right build for the OS... wrote to msdn subscriber downloads and they did reply promptly saying that they have forwarded the mail to the concerned department. oh well...

so i thought... might as well just use 32 for now... so put it on normal xp... and not too bad.... the best part is the temperature... the processor is wicked... it does an average of 31-32 degree... if i am using it like hell.... 40-41... almost reminds me of my good old PIII 1GHz dual proc... (27 - 37) as compared to my Shuttle (AMD XP 2500 Barton)... which does a normal stays at 46 degrees with CPU Idle running all the time... if i pump it up... the temperature goes 60 and stays there for most of the time...

Noticed another funny thing... AMD 64 chips come with Cool & Quiet drivers (have to download it from amd site) i looked around and i couldn't find XP 64 drivers... thats a shame considering that that OS is purely geared towards AMD 64 market... still in beta but if AMD dont take the initiative... who will ?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

64bit applications

yesterday evening i spent the whole time downloading stuff.
i already had Visual 2004 beta 1 for 64. and i had already downloaded the XP 64 for extended chipset. I reckoned that i should also download Windows 2003 64 bit edition for the heck of it. And so i logged into my subscriber downloads... Guess what... surprise surprise.. i saw Servers section which was not there before.. click on it and i saw SQL Server... interesting... digging deeper i realised that microsoft had given me (or all msdn professional subscribers) access to SQL Server resources. I also found Yukon Beta 2... wohoooo....
so all downloaded and burned... waiting for my kit so that i can jumpstart my 64bit play around.

Also looked up a couple of reviews on 2800+ processor... i know i know i am a bit of a value user... that the end of the day it boils how much one can afford to spend. Anyho... checked out the reviews at and

and its not too bad.... for normal stuff... it still comes close to most intel procs... so what the heck.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

finally going 64bit

tomorrow i am going to get my kit off ebuyer. what a nightmare... waiting for the processor caused my other stuff to go out of stock... had to settle for half a gig of twinmos memory instead of my 2x512... oh well... add another half a gig with the next order.
last week also downloaded the xp client preview... but the key was on my local folders on my outlook. the backup plugin screwed up my backup and the machine refused start up after restore. So now i had to register yet again to get the key...
i know that yukon sql express don't work with extended chipset just yet... so will have to settle for good old win32 based sql 2000. atleast 2k5 has 64bit install.
planning to keep this for home use @work.... atleast a bit of play around will keep me occupied and out of trouble.

Monday, July 26, 2004

The first blog

It all starts here... and hopefully there will be better ones in future.