Saturday, October 23, 2004

MSN Messenger 7 BETA

Earlier today was randomly going through blogs and i read Cornerit's review on it. Googled up MSN 7 and read stuff about it being leaked into public domain %>) oh well... found it at softpedia.

Its been pretty stable so far... been running for like 6 hours and so far so good... Found a few things like enhanced smiley packs and backgrounds etc... dont know if it was a part of MSN 6...

you have another feature called nudge.. its mentioned at places... if you have used yahoo messenger then you would have given your mates a buzz... sort of shakes the window with Buzz!!! in red bold... nudge is a similar thing except it doesnt look that annoying and the text is not in red :) enough said... find out the rest of the features yourself...

it's worth a look... if its unstable... just use Add/Remove programs to remove it and download the current 6.2 version of

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