Sunday, October 17, 2004

Burning DVDs off DVB Recording

I have gigs and gigs worth of recordings things like music videos and Everybody Loves Raymond (ELR) and Scrubs. I sort of stacked them up thinking its worth it till they come out with DVDs of ELR and Scrubs.. the problem is that i need to keep buying hard drives each episode is 650 megs plus... so finally decided to burn them into proper DVDs.. used TmpgEnc's Dvd Author

This is the normal process
Complete recording has adverts etc which have to be removed plus there's a mild audio/video sync which needs to be corrected. This is a great tool PVAStrumento to seperate the audio & video based on parameters like change in audio / video formats... which is great cause Channel 4 broadcasts the adverts at 16:9 but the shows ELR & Scrubs are broadcast at 4:3.. once you get the seperate split audio / video files use bbmpeg to merge the required audio / video streams. finally join the mpeg streams using tmpg's mpeg tools.

That what it takes go get one episode cleaned up... its great quality.. and since there are no plans for dvd release just yet, might as well burn it up... anyways... spend a chunk of this weekend doing just that and guess what... cleaned up 25 odd gigs here and there... not too bad huh ? still plenty more to go...


Anonymous said...

Instead of spending time editing, try downloading using torrents. U will get excellent quality :)

Len Marten said...

Wha? One minute you're saying you don't want to be a geek anymore, and the next - well, the next minute you're talking about burning and gigs and stuff like that! That's madness.

You are what you are.

But you can be a better you - everyone can. Instead of being a geek and becoming something else. Be a better geek. Be a geek with a social life. Be a geek with friends and girlie.

Take it from someone who knows...