Saturday, October 23, 2004

MSN Messenger 7 BETA

Earlier today was randomly going through blogs and i read Cornerit's review on it. Googled up MSN 7 and read stuff about it being leaked into public domain %>) oh well... found it at softpedia.

Its been pretty stable so far... been running for like 6 hours and so far so good... Found a few things like enhanced smiley packs and backgrounds etc... dont know if it was a part of MSN 6...

you have another feature called nudge.. its mentioned at places... if you have used yahoo messenger then you would have given your mates a buzz... sort of shakes the window with Buzz!!! in red bold... nudge is a similar thing except it doesnt look that annoying and the text is not in red :) enough said... find out the rest of the features yourself...

it's worth a look... if its unstable... just use Add/Remove programs to remove it and download the current 6.2 version of

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Burning DVDs off DVB Recording

I have gigs and gigs worth of recordings things like music videos and Everybody Loves Raymond (ELR) and Scrubs. I sort of stacked them up thinking its worth it till they come out with DVDs of ELR and Scrubs.. the problem is that i need to keep buying hard drives each episode is 650 megs plus... so finally decided to burn them into proper DVDs.. used TmpgEnc's Dvd Author

This is the normal process
Complete recording has adverts etc which have to be removed plus there's a mild audio/video sync which needs to be corrected. This is a great tool PVAStrumento to seperate the audio & video based on parameters like change in audio / video formats... which is great cause Channel 4 broadcasts the adverts at 16:9 but the shows ELR & Scrubs are broadcast at 4:3.. once you get the seperate split audio / video files use bbmpeg to merge the required audio / video streams. finally join the mpeg streams using tmpg's mpeg tools.

That what it takes go get one episode cleaned up... its great quality.. and since there are no plans for dvd release just yet, might as well burn it up... anyways... spend a chunk of this weekend doing just that and guess what... cleaned up 25 odd gigs here and there... not too bad huh ? still plenty more to go...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

SpeedDater - UK and London Speed Dating

Having recently decided that i was done being a geek... a friend of mine suggested i give speed dating a try... well i dont like 3 mins... the next one... approach... so instead went for the Lock & Key Party... it was such a good laugh.... more on it here... SpeedDater - UK and London Speed Dating, Online Dating speeddating

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pull-o-meter - How do you score ?

Vivek gave this Pull-o-meter link and here's what it had to say....

Beer Monster

You’re no shrinking violet, that’s for sure, and confidence is half the battle in the pulling game, but you’ve still got to take a bit more care of yourself during an evening out if you’re going to stay at the peak of your pulling powers. Don’t want to wake up next to a minger now do we?


See i know the lines... i am just horrible when it comes to saying them... :) Fancy a shag ? will have to try it some day. as Dawson keeps telling me... it works... though i will have to watch out for the mingers... lol

Monday, October 04, 2004

I am done being a Geek

I have spend a while trying to figure things out.. and i have made the decision. I am done being a geek... i need social life...

This is my invite to everone out there...
Hi I am getting married next week. See you there. Don't worry about getting me any gifts, Just get me someone i can get married to.

lol... that sums it up... well actually no it doesnt sum it up.. i dont want to get married just yet... i need a full time girl friend... time to divorce the PC(s).