Monday, August 09, 2004

Installing Framework 2.0 beta on 64

It's funny how both the betas.. beta 1 for Whidbey and beta 2 for Yukon came across in a few days time. I was so seriously hoping that they have the same Framework Beta (or the Language?)..
Wishful thinking. So what do i need to do to get it all working ? well for starters... install Whidbey (for some reason framework takes forever on AMD64).. once you are done with the install... unistall the Framework.. and then install Yukon. that will install another language version of Framework and hopefully this should work :) (atleast that worked on 32bit install)

Oh well another wishful thinking and this time i got bitch-slapped.. yukon won't install no matter what.. i think i am going to call it a day and not bother with yukon on 64... i already have it on 32 and thats the max i am going to go.. 10 trials... with all permutations and combinations and finally got myself on MS "Private" NGs... Jesus... and its a known bug.....
why bother saying
"For the 64-bit Developer Edition (X64):
Windows XP 64-bit AMD Professional 2003, build 1207 or later"

Back to SQL 2k 32 bit for playing with whidbey.

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