Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Perspective on India and the People

Every once in a while i get on to a newsgroup and i see some really really lame posts... some of them are from indians who do not know who to ask or where to look... which can be really really annoying at times... things like.. i want to do MCAD my email id is blah blah blah.. please email me the details.. this things can be found at Microsoft Certification Site.

And there are people from around the globe... some comment saying that its worrying how people dont know a thing about English or Technology and that a whole lot of work is being outsourced to them... I think it always better to educate people (even the one indians so love to call Foreigners) and i looked up some facts and put them down saying actually its not too bad...

What do i get back ? a reply from a self proclaimed Patriotic Twat... calling me an @sshole and asking me to not belittle my country of birth in front of foreigners... i couldnt believe this... somethings never change... mate... learn to appreciate facts.... do you really know what India is and even being an Indian is all about ?

i have been across most of India.. from Gujarat in the West to Delhi in the North to Assam in (Northeast) to Tamilnadu in the South.. i have seen a lot of india in those 24 years... The only difference between me and a whole lot of Indians is that I think from a different prepecitve.... and that was one of the reasons why i was termed a UBI (Unfortunatly Born in India). Most people who dont like the fact would rather dish out and i got called that a lot because i prefer to live with the facts than boast on false pride.

At the end of the day i am a programmer... i go by "Show me the Money" attitude. And yes i do have Indian morals but hey this isn't a war and I am here to make a living.

And finally you can still dish this as well and say whatever you wish to... yes even if you think a real indian in one who stays in india and makes it big... Only accepting the fact can get you a step closer to making a difference.. in India and everywhere in the world.


Anonymous said...


I don't understand, why you keep telling all bad things about India. Just because all projects are being outsourced to India.

Even in IT related newsgroup you talk bad things about India.

Can you explain why?

- Satish

Hermit Dave said...


I am not saying bad things... what i am saying is indeed true. I just expressed my opinion on a NewsGroup
and somebody actually got mad at me thinking i am a sort of a traitor trying to bitch-slap my own country.

Yes we are getting all the outsourced projects but thats the economics that determine those factors... when they had the money... we used to go there.. now there's less money so the work comes to us.

Rewind to the Election days a few months back. What was BJP & Coalition partners theme ? India Shining ? And what happened to them ? They were kicked out by majority who did not see a benefit of India Shining on less than 30%... They voted the goverment out of power.

Look the people who are educated and have access to the best things about india mostly the middle class. And yes we can ignore the problem saying its not true but the literacy figures are still not promising. We need to do something about it instead of thinking.. oh the goverment will take care of it.

Hermit Dave said...

also have a read of

or for a better view go to

lookup "Need help with .net certification" dated 9/9/2004 and you will understand why i wrote this blog

Anonymous said...

I can understand hat,

But this won't be the case with all Indians that you should keep in mind.

You will find these sort of posting not very frequently.

Anyway keep cool :)

- Satish

Hermit Dave said...

Thanks mate. I know most Indians dont have such a narrow view. What i was after was to see how many hate mails i got. Unfortunately apart from the original one... none. anyways... i have edited the blog and removed a chunk of it.. peace out.