Saturday, September 18, 2004

Good News

About a fornight back I got really really fed up of Smoking and my consistent giving it up and starting all over again. So this time I decided to give up forever (Normally when I used to give up, I used to put it like - till the next time). Anyways I am almost back to normal now. And I have realised that if I do not smoke, my Attention Deficit Disorder calms down a bit. I actually did not know I had ADD untill i gave a psychometric test last year. The results came out excellent but suggested that I have a check for ADD.. lol.

Well not smoking it has its side effects too... But have been there too many times before I always warm people to stay on my good side atleast for the first few months. Wish me luck cause I have been going on about this for a long time.

Off late I have been working on my site again You might be surprised with the choice of domain name as one of my friends put it... I am restricting my site to american psyche. The reason being 911 as you are no doubt aware is a emergency number. Its funny when i give my email address out to people.. its hermit at dot net and they say 9 ? Really winds me up cause i have to go about explaining what 911 & 9 11 mean to me and the population on whole (unforunately i am in london and not many people share my opinion on using 911 instead of 999).

Anyways.. I payed for a SQL server database to my host and once i finish a few bits & bobs I shall upload it. Hopefully every few days I will add an article on to it. Depending on the usage and feedback i will either keep it going or I will remove it in a year's time and save myself some money %>)

BTW don't ask about 70-320... i will come back to it in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Since September 11th 2001, 911 has taken on another meaning to us Americans.

Kline Sphere

Hermit Dave said...

You are right kline... too many things have changed since Sept 11 and i think i am just going to drop that site and get another domain.